About Me

I was born in Beirut in the 18th of August 1978 where I spent my childhood and made my school education.
I studied arts in Lebanese university - Art department in Paintings and drawings.
After my graduation in 2002, I moved to a new city at the region of Mount Lebanon named "Ballouneh" where I actually live and work. Since that time, I got the opportunity to explore the Lebanese green nature, and here my story begins!
Starting from my home city, I begin to discover Lebanese nature in all over the country. It is my source of inspiration that attracted me the most.
Through my explorations, I focused on the "Green foliage" on rocky ground, one of the most specified element that I build my work on. It has an effect in many views as a kind of massive green rich in textures with high insensitivity covering the ground and the hills with high green trees, combined together and hiding the sky.
I found it so expressive and rich that I use it as a fundamental artistic element. It is not just allows me to paint natures, but a process to create my own language style, which I visualize forms and shapes that I extracted, to create illusion figures in character faces and human bodies, and abstract subjects.
I felt the freedom to express myself by strong valuable colors close to the green which represented me inside, with rich massive textures and dynamical vibrated brush strokes, to produce a continuous“metamorphic change” ( Nature - Figurative - Abstraction) or the opposite, from a piece to another one .