About Me

I studied art in Yorkshire and spent many years on the Coast of Light in Cadiz Spain.
The images I portray are totally infused with the colour and light of these wonderful places getting through to the bones of my work subconsciously.
I have always expressed myself through art often studying and working around my 4 children, two of whom are artistic themselves. I find my voice in my work and such solace.
When I am working there is a synergy that transcends time. I love to express and explore my inner emotions and pathways through the pushing and pulling of the paint.
A conversation with myself resolving each piece.
I often use unconventional items to paint with and rarely use a brush.
I don’t refer to my work as abstract, having understood the process of abstraction I believe my work represents my vision and my emotions affect this and push it down a new path until I feel it is time to stop not always the end but the end of that conversation.