About Me

In my artworks i try to convey emotions, dreams, love for Life and all its infinite shades.
Mother Nature is my main source of inspiration.
I also have a great passion for music :
some of my artworks are the result of the energy trasmitted by a particular song.
In fact, i think this journey began when i discovered Elisa's music production ( an italian songwriter):
finding many of her composition very evocative, i wanted to turn this powerful energy into something.
I also had a very good experience with poetry, thanks to my friend Domenico, who gave me the possibility to work with him.

All my artwork are the result of digital photography combination, sometimes with addiction of drawing part to, processed with post production programs, such as Photoshop.
The entire material used is taken from my personal archive, so i'm the only copyright holder.

For the printing process, i turn to a professional lab based in Italy, specialized in the Fine Art Digigraphie printing techniques, in order to obtain a product of the highest quality and durability.