About Me

Exhibitions and group projects:

2016- Group exhibition Cadena Gallery, 548 W 28 str. Chelsea, NY, 10001
2016- Group exhibition. New York gallery " Emmanuel fremin gallery"
2016 - Group exhibition. tbilisis moma. Museum of modern art

2011 - Solo exhibition - ,, Desire to fly” Gallery Akademia+”

2009- Solo exhibition. Gallery ,, Vernissage”

2012 -Group exhibition ,,2X2” tbilisi state Academia of art. 2012- Group exhibition ,,body” tbilisi
state Academia of art 2010 – ”. Gallery,, Academia+” ,,12day”
2010- Tbilisi state Academia of art ,,1 day”

2009-Group exhibition. ,,2”. Gallery ,,Vernissage”

2009-Group exhibition. ,,Taobata gadadzaxili”. Gallery ,,Vernissage” 2009-Group exhibition.
,,Landscape of Racha”. Gallery ,,Vernissage” 2007-group exhibition. ,, Gallery ,,Art-bar”
2007-Group exhibition. ,,Pro-art”. Supported by Pro-Credit bank 2007-Group exhibition.
,,Gudamayari”state Academia of art.
2006-Group exhibition. ,, Akhal kalaki “ Tbilisi state Academia of art.