About Me

I am teaching Fine Arts and History of Art in public School.

In the same time i have my private studio and i create daily new artworks. As an artist, I work exclusively on the basis of my instinct and mood. Nothing is sophisticated. My Purpose:

Always being myself. In my works, I often capture my love for anything that has already lived and continues to make its circle. This is something that finally feels to me. Creating daily is, for me, an internal need, greater than all others. Teaching at the same time and communicating what I know to children, the motivation becomes even more powerful.

I was born in Athens. I studied Interior Design at AKTO Art & Design College and in 2002. I was awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design by Middlesex University.

In 2010 I realized my lifelong dream: I entered the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) where I studied painting under Professors Triantafyllos Patraskidis, Vasilis Vlastaras and George Kazazis.​

At the same time I attended the set design workshop of Lili Pezanou.

In June 2016 I did my first solo presentation with my collection of works entitled “The Beloved Strangers” in the context of my diploma thesis.