About Me

My works can be divided into three main categories:
1) White lines on dark background (gouache/acrylic on cardboard/canvas):
“Party”, “Illusion”, “Cube” are examples of this body of work. Human forms, their interaction, linear transformations of the objects, rhythmic play of construction – these are the main features of my work. In these compositions I use line as a minimalistic mean for delivering my thoughts and vision.
2) Oil paintings:
“Red flowers”, “Cup of decadence”, “Green construction” are examples of my oil paintings, which are also based on human forms. Other works are abstract or semi-abstract; the examples are “Composition 6”, “Composition 7”, “Composition 14”. In these works I try to deliver light, space and color.
3) Digitally embellished drawings:
This body of work is a natural continuation of my line-works. In 2000’s, I began applying digital effects to my drawings. The idea was to enrich simple line and make it look more complex, thus through that complexity create a new kind of form. The examples of this body of work are “Radiant tango”, “Lovers”, “Autumn lovers”.