About Me

I was born in East Berlin, growing up in the 1960s beneath the shadow of the Berlin Wall,
where I was a self-taught passionate documentary photographer.
Moving to London in the early 90’s and while studying at University of Westminster my photographic work from this point went on a journey of rediscovery and transformation, replacing the grainy black-and-white documentary style photography with expressive photographic work in colour.
My technique of ‘Combined Image Photography’ and the subject matter of human elements combined with locations acts as a means to find answers but also to experience the personal sensation of creativity: My photographic work takes me on a mysterious journey; a world creates itself in front of me. I seem to preside over the journey without being in control or aware of it’s final destination, but feeling the sparkle and the sensational flow of discovery.
Since moving away from London in 2004 and living on the canal in Surrey I am strongly drawn to and influenced by the potential of water and wood. My dramatic photographs have a physical, as well as emotional depth, which lies beyond the surface. It is perhaps these qualities, which imbue my work with a sense of mystery, and wonder that draws the viewer in and evokes memories and associations of the hidden deep.