Who We Were II


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This is the Twin Work of the other by the same title.

Size: 42W x 59.4H x 0.1D cm

The descriptive once more:

The viewer may read their own interpretation into this work. However, my thoughts are given below:

The work was inspired by the concept of Evolution. I created the work “Yellowstone” in this same batch. The idea that as a species we are constantly evolving and as a result a mass extinction is overdue. This evolution is not so much physical as it is metaphysical. The greater part of our evolution is taking place in our consciousness and awareness both individually and on a collective level.

On a lighter note, is the concept of change. The fact that everything changes, both the good and the bad dont last. Everything is in a constant state of flux. At times we crave the change and cant stand to wait for the new to arrive. At other times, things are so good and we wish we could press the pause button and have our lives frozen in that state of perfection and harmony. Sometimes we have to purchase the happy times with the painful ones that make us “pay” for our happiness. We are here to grow and evolve and the pain gets that job done. But a life with only pain and lessons is a mere state of existing as opossed to living.

If we knew that those happy moments were the best ones in our lives, would we savour them a little more? Would we live them a little more intensely? Would we be a little more PRESENT?

Original Created:2021
Styles:AbstractAbstract ExpressionismFine ArtModern

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