Minérale 01


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Powerful material, formerly high in dolmen, noble material from which fortresses and castles were made, sacred material so loved by the builders of cathedrals, stone is the source of eternal creations. Natural minerals in various colors give the stones an infinite number of nuances traversed by the cracks. Here, the superposition of colors in multiple thin layers plays with transparency to create an infinite number of shades like on the stone on which the sun plays. The matt areas alternate with the reflections of the shine thanks to the use of different media: acrylic paint, inks, greasy chalks, collage, etc.
The cracks animate the surface with their gnarled relief.
The canvas is designed to be presented as a diamond. The edges are painted, it can be hung without a frame. However, it can, if you wish, be valued by a black and gold shw box which will bring out all its preciousness.

50cm x 50cm

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