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Bring a leaf from a tree very close to your eyes and you will see a net made of the veins of different thickness. If you look at the same leaf from the distance of an outstretched arm, you will see the shape of the leaf and only the thick veins. If you look at it from a further distance, you will see no veins at all, but you will see its shape and color, and it will be clear to you what you see – the same leaf.
The same happens when we look at the trees. When we move away from the tree, the discrete leaves become undiscernible and merge into the green mass of the crown. But the tree doesn’t cease to be a tree for us.
To draw a tree it is completely unnecessary to paint each leaf. It is unnecessary to draw the sky or sun to depict light from the sky or sun; it is enough to find and depict the most important thing, which tells the viewers that here is a tree, the sky and sun.

February 17, 2015 12:19 am


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