Sicilia At Noon

Painting Details

  • Medium: Oil
  • Height (cm): 20
  • Width (cm): 29,5


Why, it’s hot at the Sicilia in August! To do something there in the high point of the day is a great way to lose weight. But I had only a week and so much didn’t want to lose time! That’s why I ventured to paint a study in the middle of the day at the beach. I snaffled a beach umbrella and settled under it. Wet Italian children ran up to me and joyfully pointed by the finger in my study. Big black bugs emerged from the sand and dived under my sneakers. Likely they also were searching for a cover from the sun.

And then the siesta came! The beach became empty. From the café came a man in sunglasses and took my cover back. I had to pack up too.

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