Prince Has Lost Heart

Painting Details

  • Medium: Acrylic
  • Height (cm): 47
  • Width (cm): 35
  • Delivery cost to UK: 10


At first I have found The Prince. But the Prince has happened to be without a Heart. So he told me. I loved my Prince from a Day One, but the Prince could not respond because he had no Heart. He was sad about it, but I appreciated his honesty. He laughed at the heart-shaped objects, but could not find one inside his chest. And it happened that I have lost the Prince, but the love to him could never be lost in my heart… So I was walking in a land far away from that where my Prince lives, crossing the rails touched with the morning frost. The stones between two parallel iron lines of the rails where more than just grey stone, they were beautifully frosted too…And there I found it-my Prince’s precious Heart -frozen, but existing, not yet loving, but craving to be loved, sending radio-like waves towards my own heart. Now I needed to find the way to get close to his empty chest – to plant his Heart back inside, having carried it a long way in my warm mittens… 🙂

Professionally framed with dark -grey passepartout.

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