Peep Show

Painting Details

  • Medium: Mixed media
  • Height (cm): 33
  • Width (cm): 37
  • Delivery cost to UK: FREE SHIPPING


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A meddling blackbird spy us from an impossible, colorful and unknown blue and green place. The sentences written on the artwork are “Taci!” and “La natura ti ascolta!” (“Shut up!” “Nature is listening to you”), which is the rendition of a famous slogan on a 2nd WW Italian propaganda poster: “Taci! Il nemico ti ascolta” (“Shut up! The enemy is listening to you”). This artwork is an interpretation of how nature is necessary for us and how what we do to the nature will have an influence on ourselves. The painting is realized on paper applied on wood, and the frame is an old restored Tuscan little window. Ready to hang.

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