Miriam’s Eyes

Painting Details

  • Medium: Other
  • Height (cm): 21" (53 cm)
  • Width (cm): 39" (119 cm)
  • Delivery cost to UK: Please check with me.


Glass, Stone and Ceramic MOSAIC Size: 21″ (53 cm) x 39″ (119 cm) x 2″ (5 cm) The eyes are the mirror of the Soul, and the Scouts of the Heart… Miriam was born during the 2014 Summer, the twin sister of Mariam. Both mosaics were inspired by a picture of a Veiled Tuareg woman from the 70’s. The Veil brings a great mystery to these piercing eyes. What could this mystery woman think behind these ? In August 2014, Miriam was awarded the First Prize at the 14th Annual Juried Art Show of the Rudd Art Center Museum in Alabama.

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Frederic Lecut

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