It Would Have Been So Easy

Painting Details

  • Medium: Mixed media
  • Height (cm): 91,5
  • Width (cm): 40,5
  • Delivery cost to UK: FREE SHIPPING


A father, a son, or maybe two friends. We see their faces staring at us from a window, a real window I found and restored some years ago. We can imagine their projects, their dreams, we can also build up a story around their faces. This is what I call Narrative painting: a painting that not only suggest you a sensation or a concept, but a whole story. I hope it will bring a bit of adventure in the house of the future owner!

PLEASE NOTE: As you can see, the window I use for framing this painting is a real, old window. I have clean it up as carefully as I could, but some little stains remained in the glass. Some trace of silicone are present, maybe the owner of the window wanted to secure the glass! I did not remove them because it reminded me the life that surrounded that window before it was thrown away. I coloured the window in black and gold according to the painting colours.

The painting is made on paper applied on wood.

Oh, I’m in the painting photo only to make you aware of artwork’s dimension. I’m not included in the price ;-).

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