From Tower Bridge

Painting Details

  • Medium: Oil
  • Height (cm): 60
  • Width (cm): 60
  • Delivery cost to UK: Free


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View looking across the Thames from Tower Bridge.

Painted using white gesso and titanium white oil paint onto hand stretched fine linen. It is just the light falling onto the texture of the paint that creates the image. As with all of my paintings this piece reflects the light of it’s environment and will change as the light around it changes, different areas will become visible and other will fade making it subtly ebb and flow.

This painting comes with one of the original small sketches that I made on location in preparation for the main painting.

For advice on where to hang my work for the best results please just drop me an email, I’m always happy to give advise and help you get the most from my paintings.

If you have a view you love or that has special meaning for you, let me capture it for you in an original one off oil painting. For more information on commissioning a painting please email me.

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