Calm Dock

Painting Details

  • Medium: Oil
  • Height (cm): 55
  • Width (cm): 90


This artwork began a year and a half ago, during the summer in the village Stupinka, in the Kaluga Region. We loaded the cars in the morning and drove away from the camp, searching for good views. Speaking honestly, nobody knew where to drive. We just drove somewhere, for no reason, at random.

We turned to the river. The morning haze which covered the sky, barely sieved the dim sun. The riverbanks were plunging into the spilled water and stretched far away into the width. The reflections of the trees were floating evenly in the river. The shape, the lighting and the colors were quiet and lyrical. And all in that place was under some smooth, calm rhythm

Read and watch how I did this painting here: http://www.artist-blog.daniil-belov.com/2014/06/how-artist-creates-oil-painting-how-painter-paints.html

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