Ankh 10.

Painting Details

  • Medium: Mixed media
  • Height (cm): 111
  • Width (cm): 76.2
  • Delivery cost to UK: 40


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Oil, Acrylic on Gessoed Cotton Archival Paper (44 X 30″). Don’t forget to zoom in to view the delicious details! 😛

In this series “Ankh” we are exploring a variety of perspectives of the ancient Egyptian Ankh. The Christians omitted the complete loop of the ankh so that they would not directly show a connection with the old Egyptian religion, but it is obvious that they wanted this powerful “cross symbol” to represent Christianity. One of the many secrets of the Ankh is that it is a representation of the three different perspectives (above, front, and side views) of how Life Force energy travels around the human body. The loop at the top is symbolic of how the kundalini energy spirals (like a DNA strand) around the Djed Pillar in the center which symbolizes the spinal column.

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