A Million Tiny Truths – Veronica

Painting Details

  • Medium: Acrylic
  • Height (cm): 23
  • Width (cm): 33
  • Delivery cost to UK: 15


‘a million tiny truths’ is an A1 sequence created in pen & ink sourced from 3000 low resolution web images to investigate and meld the boundaries of comic, graphic, photo realistic and abstract art. The sequence explores concepts of originality, production, and reproduction and the generation of meaning in the eye, in the image, and in its reception, interpretation and transmission. The overarching subject theme is of conformity and non conformity.

The final installation was presented on 4 double sided printed A1 canvases with the original and negative images printed on either side in high gloss poster format suspended from the ceiling by wires and rotated by motor.

The pen and ink technique uses a form of pointillism or stippling. Apparently photo realistic images are made up from a combination of stark graphic slices intermixed with naturalistic shading and textures.

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