Evening Lavender Field

Evening lavender field – Oil Painting On Canvas by Dmitry Spiros. Size: 36″x28″ (90×70 cm) – Medium: oil palette knife canvas – Dominant Colors: Blue, […]
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Ex Ducere

Education or indoctrination? This sentence contains the entire sense of this painting. Where finishes the education and begins the brain wash? How much the context […]
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Two quite identical women with two quite identical children. What they could do to change their life? Are they similar only in their faces or […]
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Peep Show

A meddling blackbird spy us from an impossible, colorful and unknown blue and green place. The sentences written on the artwork are “Taci!” and “La […]
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In Italy, at the end of XIX century, were built special buildings especially in Tuscan , Liguria and Emilia Romagna seasides, called “Colonie marine”: they […]
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