With A Smile

It´s so good to see people smile, that you smile too. When you look closer you discover it´s not only people but particular and unique […]

Ti Conosco Mascherina

The picture was made using various layers of color, starting from a base of acrylic ground on which were then applied oil paint with a […]

Afternoon In The Square

This is the main square of San Gimignano, a small medieval town in Tuscany. In the afternoon the old towers and walls of the buildings […]

Lost Souls At Moonlight

a summer evening in the company of his partner, hand in hand, in the moonlight, between the medieval towers … as not to get lost?

Bellezze Al Bagno

A beautiful girl, seen from behind, wearing a towel, sitting in the steam room, between the hot water vapors.


a portrait of Sofia Loren

Street People

This is a painting from 2009 that I painted in watercolors. Now I rivisited the same theme using acrylics on canvas. Originally the painting was […]


Watercolor on indian rag paper

I Dream Of…

When I dream of being somewhere, this is the place I long to be. Warm, lapping waves, endless blue sky, and nothing on the horizon. […]

All We Need Is Each Other

An emotive piece, where land meets the sea, and there is also a meeting between two people. The waves are lapping, the wind is blowing, […]