On The Wave

which says a wave, only the ocean knows 81×116 cm. oil on canvas by Jose Higuera Shipping rolled in a tube

Rock Lover

Is he thinking in a new song? Shipping rolled in a tube

Where Are You Looking At?

Where are you looking at? It is a game in which the protagonist, gets lost from his apparent task and distracts her gaze toward a […]

Three Flowers

Elena is the most beatiful flower on the painting This painting is lost. If you see it. Tell me please.

Jose And His Friend

José and his friend is a painting in which the color is the main protagonist of this friendship story. The special relationship between Jose and […]


Painting “Elena” was a request from herself as she wanted to be the model in one of my works. I was fascinated by her sweetness […]


In a corner of the garden, with the sun as a companion, Miguel enjoys the bright colors and the movement of the changing light of […]


Nothing like two brothers, who are both also close friends, to show all aspects of the great complicity between them. That was the main theme […]