The Afghan Girl’s Eyes

This young afghan girl was a refugee in Pakistan when an American photographer took a picture 30 years ago. She became one of the most […]

Eva’s Eyes

The Eyes of Eva Green – a French actress and Model – is a glass, stone and ceramic mosaic. Steel frame

Blue Windrose

A glass, ceramics and stone mosaic. Before the use of magnetic compasses, a wind rose was a guide on mariners’ charts to show the directions […]

Golden Tai Chi

The Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese Symbol used by the Taoists to represent the interaction of the Yin and Yang Principles. Golden Tai Chi […]

Rising Sun

An art nouveau style Mosaic, Rising sun is inspired by the battle flatg of Meiji Japan. Entirely made of Gold and Red mirror Tesserae, this […]


Stone Mosaic (Black Granite and white travertine) Wooden Frame. A Zen monk sitting in meditation under the moon.

Guenevere’s Torso

Colourful 3 D Glass and Stone Mosaic. Guenevere’s 3D torso was inspired by the version of King Arthur’s story where Guenevere is a Pict Tattoed […]


Glass and Marble Mosaic With Firegrass I wanted to create an attractive panel, something that would get people’s attention. I worked with contrasts Contrast of […]


Mosaic : Glass, Ceramic, Stone. Size: 14″ x 51″ x 2″ Tuareg is an other mosaic dedicated to the Beauty and Mystery of Veiled Eyes. […]

Sean’s Eyes

Glass, Ceramic and stone Mosaic. Size: 14″ (35 cm) x 49″ (123 cm) x 2″ (5 cm) You know these EYES ! They are the […]

Miriam’s Eyes

Glass, Stone and Ceramic MOSAIC Size: 21″ (53 cm) x 39″ (119 cm) x 2″ (5 cm) The eyes are the mirror of the Soul, […]

Veiled Black And White

Stone and Glass mosaic on Panel Size: 29″ (73 cm) x 36″ (90 cm) x 2″ Mysterious Eyes… The eyes are the window to the […]