This is a medium large abstract painting. It looks beautiful on my wall, especially when the sun or a light shines on it: the shimmering […]

Wild Flowers

I live in the countryside and walk every day through woods and fields. In this painting I imagined all the wildflowers possible in a field. […]

Nude I (Sold)

This is a medium sized abstract painting of a nude. It is based on a life drawing sketch and I made it more lively with […]

White Tulips

I’ve always loved white tulips. In this painting they are painted in a very expressionistic way, with an impasto technique, which gives a textured impression. […]

Sunflower I

This is a textured colourful abstract painting, easy square size, protected by a thick layer of varnish for protection. It is ready to hang.

Pregnant Woman

I wanted to show the beauty and shapes of a pregnant woman. The orange overtone of the colours reflects the glowing and confident appearance of […]

Indian Women

The composition and theme of this painting was entirely in my head before I started. I used a palette knife to give the painting lots […]

Harbour (Sold)

This is an abstract of a harbour. I love to work with bright colours, which are also reflected in the water. This painting was a […]


“Cyclical” is one big outpouring of emotion. The spilled blood (made with a paint and coffee mixture) and heart suggest pain, and this was the […]

Dream Nr. 1

“I saw a dream, somebody was trying to take you away from me. Was trying to steal my joy, but I stood against it, and […]