‘Swan’ is a beautiful acrylic painting done with spatula on Canvas. A very pleasant and calm atmosphere is painted with the peaceful swans.
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Peaches In Bloom

Peaches in bloom, 2009. One of the first in series of orchards this painting was inspired by the peach trees by the banks of Danube, […]
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Old Olive Orchard X

Old olive orchard X, 2018. Olive trees evoke memories of Greek Islands, Montenegro and Mediterranean. It is one of the most interesting trees with its […]
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Sunshine Breach

Sunshine breach, 2018. Sun breaking through the trees in olive orchard. Watercolour is made with professional watercolour paints on a 425gsm acid free Hahnemuhle paper. […]
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Expressive Orchard

Expressive orchard, 2017. Using loose sketch like strokes of the brush, I approached this painting in an expressive manner, putting the composition, dynamics and colour […]
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Blue Birds

A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because its trust is not on the branch but on its own […]
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Wild Late Summer

Green is an real anti depressive ! A painting on artist paper with exclusive materials and without brushes that is an hommage to the unknown […]
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Sunset Harbour

A painting is always a journey. Vaguely I had a harbour in mind with autumn colours. I started off with just applying different shades of […]
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St.bees Rocks

This is an acrylic on canvas piece based on a sketch made ‘plein air’ at my home village of St. Bees in Cumbria England. These […]
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Winter Landscape

I really enjoyed making this painting and I am pleased with the result with the bright wintery colours and tree shapes. It really gives the […]
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Tranquility (Sold)

This is an abstract painting of the sea. It is quite a minimalist and ‘quiet’ painting, but with some texture to ‘feel’ the rough etches […]
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Forte dei Marmi before the storm of 5 March 2015. These pines are no more.
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