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About Ogieglo Kinga


'Treasure your travels and good memories with a painting'

'Feel invited to discover the gallery of colors and vivid shapes - which help Kinga's clients and collectors to respect their emotions and connect to their feelings through a painting.'

Art talks Youtube channel

I have a weekly show on my Youtube channel where I give short interpretations and commentary to my paintings and drawings-

Subscribe for weekly episodes-https://youtu.be/9P2xZ5f7UMc

Abstract landscapes of Mars, Art depicting sadness, commissioned drawings, Abstract landscapes of Andalucia- are some of many topics I cover in my Youtube art series.

I hope you get inspired !:)

Contact: ogiegloart@gmail.com

Website www.kingaogieglo.com (under construction..)

I am an abstract painter based in Oswiecim, Poland. I’m inspired by nature, fashion and photography; I often paint emotions and memories from my life translating them on paper or canvas.

For some time in my life I was detached from my feelings and it is shown in my early work which included a lot of dark colors, anger and saddnes prevailing but now with time I started painting more joyful and happy artworks. Creating art had a healing effect on my emotional state.

I hope that my art engages the viewer to ponder self-reflection and personal growth- my art is a reminder that it is ok express your emotions and honour them.

Some of my paintings create illusions of space, allowing to act as mirrors through which we can redefine ourselves.

I had two solo exhibitions in Oswiecim Culture Centre (‘ Emotions in colors’ in 2016 and ‘Abstracts’ in 2017) and my work available in various online art galleries.

Do you see a painting on my website that you like, but would prefer something similar with different colors or in a different size? I would be happy to discuss the options for a commissioned painting.

And I’d love to work with you!

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