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    Born in Siena the 14th of August 1982, I'm a self taught artist; I deal mainly with painting and mail art, but recently I discovered sculpture, graphics and both analogic and digital photography. My favourite media are acrylics, watercolours and self produced pygments, but also found objects, recycling materials and old '30s magazines. I love painting on wood boards because I can paste and nail down there anything, from my old dresses fabrics, to old boots' leather and personal photos, in order to add a more intimate and personal meaning to my artworks. On my artworks's back I often put collages, fabrics and photos, so that the B-side is often as interesting as the recto. I'm the co-founder of the Artistic and Cultural Collective "Non cresco più", which promotes artistic and charitable events. I'm art director at "Casa Là - Farm Gallery", a free and independent gallery fot underground artists. My works have been shown in several italian and international exhibitions and feature in many private collections.

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